Love Letters Home

Separated by war. Surrounded by temptation. Would their love endure?

Love Letters Home

After Japan dropped its bombs on Pearl Harbor in December of 1942, Ruth LeBlanc’s secure little world evaporated. The love of her life disappeared into battle and all the familiar comforts of home were slowly taken away. As the war spread like a cancer across the face of Europe, Africa and the Pacific, letters became the only uncertain bridge between her and the man she had promised to marry. With the war stretching on into an unknown future, would she have the courage to wait for him or give in to the temptation to begin a new life with an old flame?

Love Letters Home is a historical romance set in New England during the years of World War II. Using the actual letters of an Army Air Force soldier serving overseas, the novel reveals what the war years were really like for both a lonely soldier serving his country and the woman he left behind. (Click to purchase at

Reader Reviews

I just finished Love Letters Home… I couldn’t put it down!

A lovely story about the complexities of “love” in a time of uncertainty. Great character development and historical references. Story line flows flawlessly and gives the reader an interesting view into the social and romantic “customs” of the times (which differ so much from today). Living today in a world of “immediate information” and communication, it was fascinating to read about a time when “snail mail” was the only communication option… the complexities of time delay, the challenges of interpreting the written word, and the devotion to another so far away. Chapman Deering nails it with this book!  – KCK on February 10, 2018


A very nice historical gem!!!  I’m a sucker for historical fiction especially for the WW2 era. This one did not let me down at all. With the only exception of to who Ruth ended up choosing in my opinion!!!!! Lol!!

Chapman Deering does a wonderful job with this story. Her facts and and character development are fantastic! The story is smooth as silk! I liked the fact that we were able to see not only the war aspect but how it affected civilian life in every way.

If you like historical fiction or historical fiction with some romance thrown in than you will definitely love ?? this book!! I highly highly recommend this book to anyone! I very much enjoyed reading this heartfelt WWII story of love and romance.  – Jennifer on February 13, 2018


I very much enjoyed reading this heartfelt WWII story of love and romance. A story about a young recently enlisted soldier and the girl he leaves behind and how they develop an enduring bond during their separation. The author cleverly narrates the ups and downs of their romance through the three years of letters he sends home. The plot is not only thoroughly engaging, but it also accurately captures the life and times of families living during the 1940’s war time. This talented writer successfully relates all the human emotions in the hearts and minds of the characters. She provides a sweet and charming narrative that held my interest until the end!   – Jackie

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